Jane Lynch: My New York

If you don’t know Jane Lynch as the intense, megaphone-wielding Coach Sue from ‘Glee’, you may recognize her from your neighborhood coffee shop. The wry-smiling scene stealer from comedies like ‘Best in Show’ performs regularly in NYC, and is a self-admitted creature of habit on the local business scene:

“I love frequenting independent businesses. And I like getting to know the business owners … to be a familiar face when I walk in. I go to the same restaurants … the same coffee shop over and over again. And when I’m in a different part of the city, the first thing I do is scope out the local businesses to see where my home bases are going to be … I like to walk in New York. I don’t take taxis. I like to be on foot and I usually stay very close to where I’m performing.”

Currently belting out a series of gigs with her band, “See Jane Sing!”, Lynch talks to YP about her go-to favorites these days:


Jane: “My favorite thing to do in any city is to find the coffee shop where I can sit for hours. I usually read, and drink coffee ’til I shake. I love the Local Cafe on Sullivan Street. I love when I walk in there, I know all the workers; they know what I order. I’m like clockwork. I show up at the same time every day and I order the same thing over and over again.”

“It’s a tiny café with just a couple of tables and an outdoor area, that’s open, of course, only in the spring. I love to just while away the hours there. I love the coffee, the food is all organic. And it’s owned by a husband and wife, and their kids are always hanging around. It’s just a wonderful place to hang out. Very neighborhood-y.”

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Jane: “Joe’s Pub is unique in not just New York, but I think in the world. It’s one of those throwbacks. It’s almost like a supper club, with a stage and candles on the tables. People can eat and drink … the food is delicious. The sound system is awesome — just amazing. The people who work here are great. It”s a wonderful place to work, and my band couldn’t be happier. The two people I sing with, Kate and Tim, also are thrilled to be here. We’ve got kind of a residency here. We’re doing eight shows in four nights, so it’s been great.”

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Jane: “The first thing I knew of The Public Theater was the free Shakespeare at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park, which I go to every year. I absolutely love it.”

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Jane: “Two of my good friends, Pam and Elizabeth Doyle, are sisters and they have a wonderful jewelry store in Chelsea called Doyle and Doyle. And antique jewelry, and it’s just beautiful stuff.”

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