Reggie Bush: My San Francisco

Reggie Bush is probably San Francisco’s most famous new resident at the moment. On the field, the 49ers running back is considered a multi-threat who can do it all. Off field, he’s a husband and father of two little kids facing the real challenge of relocating his family to a new place.

“I think the hardest thing is just getting adjusted to the new environment. Especially when you have kids in a big family like ours, having to learn everything all over again. All the great little hole‑in‑the‑wall, chill places.”

Reggie, we can help with that. Here’s what happened when he and his wife, Lilit, joined us on a tour of some cool local spots that we thought might come in handy.

Mission Bowling Club

Reggie: “The two girls who own Mission Bowl said they started the bowling alley because they just wanted to have something that was really cool and fun that people can go to. They weren’t really in it for the chain.”

“It wasn’t like your regular bowling alley. You’re walking outside and you don’t even know that it’s there. You walk inside and it’s spectacular…The way it was designed, it wasn’t like your average bowling alley. They have great food, great art on the walls. The art was really cool.”

Lilit:  “They have artist showcases.”

Reggie: “Weekly or monthly they change the art on the walls. So it gives the artists a chance to display their work, and for people to purchase it possibly. Then it also has a full bar … and six lanes, which is pretty intimate. They do a lot of parties, weddings … The whole setup is kinda tailored towards intimacy.”

Lilit: “That’s an awesome date. We should be doing more of that, actually!”

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Rolling Stock Inc.

Reggie: “I got the chance to meet the owner of the biggest tire shop in the world. He’s been around for a long time, born and raised here. Rolling Stock had everything. Tires, rims, service department … it was truly a one‑stop shop.”

Lilit: “Some of the guys have worked there 20 years.”

Reggie:  “Lilit knows the shop very well, because she’s damaged a lot of my rims on my cars, [laughs] so …

Lilit: “That’s so unfair!

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Tacos San Buena Truck

Reggie: “Really good, authentic Mexican food.”

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Taylor Stitch

Reggie: “When walking into Taylor Stitch, right away you can tell that they make really good clothes here. But they also tailor it toward your style, your own personal design, and your size. That’s something you really don’t get a lot, if at all, in most stores. You can also come in here and design pretty much whatever you want.”

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